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Melita Hospitality Solutions (MHS) is a specialty hotel and hospitality consultant company. We offer our services to both new and longstanding hotel owners, managers, chains, real estate developers, as well as lenders and investors in the sphere of the hospitality industry worldwide.

As specialists with expertise in over twenty services, from construction and design to day-to-day managing and upkeep, we can help you make your hotel or hospitality business competitive in today’s global market. Any element of your business that needs a little attention, we will provide expert advice and solutions to all of your business’s concerns.

We are also a leading supplier of all the hotel and restaurant equipment and supplies necessary for the running of your business. The furniture and equipment we provide is designed to weather years and years of use, while remaining as beautiful and functional as the day it arrives. Whether you need furniture or single-use items like shampoos and soaps, our products are high-quality and budget-friendly, helping you run your business with the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Hotels and restaurants rely on their customers’ happiness in order to profit in the industry. Melita Hospitality Solutions’ products and consultants can help you keep your shelves stocked and your customers happy


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