Past Projects

At MHS we have delivered a vast amount of successful projects across various 006 Hotel Lobbycountries.

We have an impecable track record of projects in both Europe and the West. Our consultants and contracting experts have worked on a vast number of projects. As a result, our company has a wide understanding of hotel, resort, and restaurant operations. Because of our experience working both locally and internationally, we are fully equipped to consult in any of these fields, and we have the flexibility and desire to go beyond even these to even more unique projects. As expert consultants, we have managed and re-positioned both distressed and new properties throughout the world. Sometimes all a failing project needs is a little guidance.

Our experience gives us a unique blend of both highly technical and practical management experience in a wide range of hospitality sectors. Whether you are looking for someone to help pull your hotel into the 21st century, or someone to help you with the developmental and construction phases of a new hotel, all the way through to management and administration, we have built the expertise to help. All of our projects adhere to both European and Western standards. We have successfully completed projects for clients in the following countries: Malta, Tunisia, Sicily, Turkey, Libya, Bahrain, Qatar, and Dubai.


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