• Consulting on every stage of hotel development, from pre-opening to operational and managerial functions
  • Helping buyers of turnkey projects transform their buildings in to beautiful hotels
  • Providing expertise to owners and managers of bars and restaurants, from design to operations
  • Testing your hospitality businesses’ customer service with mystery shoppers, who will report back to us and to you with a complete evaluation of your staff
  • Advisement on the financing and purchasing of a hotel, chain of hotels, restaurant, or bar, providing you with financial solutions and plans that can make your dreams of ownership a reality
  • Before you can begin construction of your new hotel, you will need to be advised about the feasibility of your endeavor, and the environmental and fiscal impact your building will have
  • Consulting on the administrative side of all of your hospitality businesses, how hotels and restaurants can be effectively staffed and managed

Construction Projects

  • Design and feasibility of hotels and resorts, in international locations, all over the world
  • Design and construction of bars and restaurants, also internationally
  • Layout and construction of compounds, either for use as a community, or for storage purposes

Project Management

  • Manage and stay on top of the development, construction, administration and operation of your hotel
  • Providing expert advice on the development of your hotel or bar, including layout and services
  • Spa and health clubs operate very differently from hotels and restaurants, but the fundamentals are the same; we can help you implement your goals successfully
  • Events and banqueting halls.

Business Development

  • By staying current with events and developments relevant to the hospitality industry, we can provide unique ideas that will help grow your business
  • Coordinating advantageous business deals between your hospitality business and other local industries
  • Evaluating business deals through market analysis, special consideration given to potential of success, negotiating with other companies to find the best opportunities, and closing deals
  • Protecting your business by keeping confidentiality agreements
  • Capability to accept and complete knew and different tasks, a willingness to explore new opportunities that will make your hotel or restaurant stand out from the rest


  • Gain and maintain high ratings for all of our companies, as well as increase market shares
  • Gain competing hotel and restaurants’ business through analysis of their strengths and weaknesses
  • In hospitality, a satisfied customer is a great source of marketing potential, so we make sure all your customers are satisfied

Sales Management

  • Providing effective solutions for tracking and managing sales
  • Consulting on training for your customer service representatives
  • Increased use of services through better customer service and more satisfied customers


  • Building your brand, consulting on design and image
  • Marketing your brand in the most effective way possible, consulting on marketing strategies, and which markets to target


  • Providing high-quality furniture and fixtures, which will look as good in ten years as the day it was installed in your restaurant, hotel, or spa
  • Functional and beautiful equipment for all your hospitality needs, including one-use soaps and sheets
  • Budget-friendly solutions that will not look budget-friendly


  • Including glassware, silverware, tablecloths, room safes, and the like, providing high-quality, long-lasting solutions
  • Also providing housekeeping items like vacuum cleaners and trollies
  • Does not include consumable items, such as food



Energy Saving



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