Our understanding of hotels and the hospitality industry dates back to 1970. Ever since, twotwentytwo-high-tables2we have been working with well-known, international brands, both consulting and supplying. We have successfully managed and operated hotels all around the globe.

Because of our lean and decentralized structure, we are a very flexible and decisive company. This means that any project we take on receives our full attention and will be given the best value. The people we employ and the clients we work with are our main assets. Because we hire only the most experienced and professional consultants, contractors, and suppliers, our projects are done more quickly and to a higher standard.

Because of our satisfied clientele, we are financial stable and are well-connected when it comes to the hospitality industry. This gives us all the proper avenues to provide our future clients with the best service and support.

Our Mission

MHS’s mission is to provide our clients with the best services possible, while become an international hospitality service. We will do this by continuing to grow in the industry, exploring new and different paths, and making sure our clients’ every needs are met

Our Vision

MHS will be an international force when it comes to hospitality supplies and service. We will be innovators in our field and providers of great customer satisfaction. We will build an excellent reputation and use that reputation to become the first choice when it comes to hospitality consulting and supplies.



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